“Poke Mania” Hits Funtrackers

/“Poke Mania” Hits Funtrackers
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A Pokestop AND a Gym here at Funtrackers? Who knew? Pokemon Go Fever has hit Corpus Christi and trainers are everywhere. A quick lesson in the lingo and game rules from our own staff and the media told us we had to be a part of this phenomenon!

Tonight we held our first Pokemon Go event and guests had a great time as we dropped lures at our Pokestop located at the mini golf course light house. Upon arrival and check-in everyone got to pick a special Funtrackers “pokeball” that earned them free go kart rides, ice cream or a 5 Credit game card. Trainers were able to collect much sought after pokemons and had the luxury of using our free charging stations in the cool Raceway Cafe. The cafe offered special “Trainer” Specials for just a buck. Free Wi-fi was also available.

Because I was the keeper of the “lures” for Funtrackers I was on my guard to watch the clock to prevent me from missing a lapse in the 30 minute sessions. I actually had to learn how to play, just enough to realize I had to be within a certain reach of the pokestop to drop these precious lures. It was a nice sight to see the golf course scrambling with trainers comparing their trophies throughout the night. I enjoyed the pointers from the friendly players as they sometimes chuckled at my beginner status. I did manage to jump 5 levels by the time the event was over, not bad for a grandmother! Took some advice from the trainers and look forward to finding a way to host another event that is fun for all!