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With a wide array of ever-changing arcade games, featured in our expansive game-room, Funtrackers offers more than your average entertainment experience. When it comes to a good time, Funtrackers knows how to host an adrenaline-rushed, fast-paced, pizza-fueled bash! Of course, our expansive arcade is not the only one of the many attractions that will entice you to release your inner child.

Four unique Go-Kart tracks make for a, truly, family oriented experience. From the top-tiered rush of the Grand Prix right down to the wholesome fun of the Kiddie Track, Funtrackers provides attractions for all sizes of “kid”. So whether you are an enthusiastic adult, energetic adolescent, or independent teen, Funtrackers has whatever you need to have a wild ride!

Fear not; the adrenaline rush does not stop at the Go-Karts – with unique attractions such as our Ropes Course, your good times will reach new heights! However, if you are looking to wind down, our Mini-Golf course is sure to please. With plenty of newly decorated holes, the Funtackers’ Mini-Golf is a fresh and familiar delight!

So, bring your friends and bring your family! We have group packages for the many, and great daily deals for the few. You can even bookmark us for your next Birthday Party or Corporate Event. Whenever you decide to stop by, just remember: “Things are Happening at Funtrackers”