Funtrackers Is the Best of Fun Padre Island Restaurants

//Funtrackers Is the Best of Fun Padre Island Restaurants
Funtrackers Is the Best of Fun Padre Island Restaurants 2018-03-06T23:30:51+00:00

You’ve spent hours planning and arguing over the best place to eat, but what if there was a way to keep everyone happy? At Funtrackers, everyone in your group can satisfy their appetites, and you even get to partake of exciting modern games, traditional arcade machines and more. Best of all, you don’t have to struggle to come up with an itinerary because everything’s right here.

The Best Place to Visit When You Want to Quell Your Cravings

When you enter the Racetrack Cafe, you can instantly get in touch with your love of classic Americana cuisine. We’ve taken convenient food and elevated it to new heights with a focus on great-tasting menu items that fit right into your action-packed schedule.  Funtrackers is a great Padre Island restaurant you can take your kids to – and great for adults too.

It’s our philosophy that you shouldn’t have to splurge to explore new tastes, sights and sounds. We also don’t think that you should have to go far to transition from a sit-down dining experience to activities and entertainment. Funtrackers does what other Padre Island restaurants simply can’t by making it possible to dine on apps and mains right after you hop off the go karts or finish playing through a few rounds of miniature golf. No matter how hungry or thirsty you feel, stopping here is the quickest way to refresh yourself.

The Racetrack Cafe has many other strengths in addition to its proximity to a thrilling game center and rides. We’re also famous for service that goes far beyond the norm. For instance, where else can you book a group menu for a party and then rest assured that all of your attendees will be satisfied?

Plan ahead by scheduling a dining selection to match your event’s theme, or just let us know what kinds of foods your guests like eating. We’ll come up with a convenient range of flexible options that can’t fail to please your taste buds.

We Have Everything Padre Island Could Want in a Restaurant

It’s hard to please everyone, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying. We’ve carefully crafted a menu that makes as many people happy as possible. You never have to worry about whether some of your participants might be less than enthusiastic about your plan of events because we go above and beyond to cater to tastes of all kinds.

Want to indulge in Padre Island restaurants that make your entire trip better? Add a stop at the Racetrack Cafe in Funtrackers to your itinerary. Whether you only want a side of hearty fries and a few beers and margaritas for the whole group, you always have options.

From birthdays and anniversaries to youth camps, successful event planning revolves around finding an eatery that makes the rest of the day go as smoothly as possible. Chat with Funtrackers at (361) 937-9400 or email us today.

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