Funtrackers Has A Great Corpus Christi Restaurants

//Funtrackers Has A Great Corpus Christi Restaurants
Funtrackers Has A Great Corpus Christi Restaurants 2018-03-06T23:29:33+00:00

You might not think that Corpus Christi’s most popular entertainment zone would hold anything more than games, rides and exciting prizes, but you’d be wrong. At Funtrackers, we think it’s just as important to keep our guests well-fed, so the Raceway Cafe is open from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. No matter when you decide to kick back and enjoy life, you can count on always having plenty of tasty food to go along with the experience.

Why Eat at Funtrackers – One of the best Corpus Christi Restaurants for kids?

From snacks and desserts to classic American fare, the Funtrackers Raceway Cafe offers a broad menu that’s certain to please most people. This makes the restaurant the perfect pit stop after our activities and games pique your appetite.

You’d be surprised at the cravings you manage to work up after a few holes of miniature golf, and thrilling experiences like our bungee dome, batting cages and climbing walls are practically guaranteed to get you feeling excited. One of the most satisfying aspects of eating here is that after all of the excitement, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve earned the right to indulge.

Dining at Funtrackers Isn’t Just for Kids

Entertaining young partygoers is certainly one of our specialties, but it’s not the only thing we do with flair. Since we routinely welcome entire families to our tables, we’ve built a menu around pleasing people of all ages.

Are your kids fed up with other Corpus Christi restaurants and entertainment venues that doom you to eating less than stellar meals? Get that tired look out of your eye, because you’re sure to find something you enjoy here. From beers and margaritas to Merlot, Chardonnay and White Zinfandel, adults can pamper their taste buds and have as much fun as their kids do. We also promise not to judge you if you decide to partake of an ice cream float or two.

Meals Fit for a Birthday King or Queen

We pride ourselves on making it convenient to have a grand time. It isn’t always easy to plan out the perfect meal for a special event at other Corpus Christi restaurants, but we’re veterans when it comes to managing menus and fulfilling group orders.

We’re so good at what we do that we even offer complete party packages. All you need to worry about is picking the items you want. Then, just relax. Your orders will arrive at the optimal times to keep your guests from getting fidgety.

Are you ready for an eating experience that raises your standards for what to expect from Corpus Christi restaurants? Call (361) 937-9400 to book your table at Funtrackers. Life-changing food and your favorite company make great partners, so email us today to experience the unbeatable combo for yourself.

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