Corpus Christi Mini Golf Gets Even Better at Funtrackers

//Corpus Christi Mini Golf Gets Even Better at Funtrackers
Corpus Christi Mini Golf Gets Even Better at Funtrackers 2018-03-06T23:30:38+00:00

You and your friends want to do something awesome, but none of you feel like getting wrapped up in a huge event. What you need is an easy way to spend your day without having to plan or really even prepare. A round of Padre Island mini golf at Funtrackers is the only solution.

Why Funtrackers Offers the Best in Corpus Christi Mini Golf

We’re not claiming to be the only mini golf place in South Texas. We’re just the most exciting for those in search of a great time. We’ve built a great venue complete with neat rides, fun games and classic family-friendly entertainment. You can explore physical challenges like a ropes course, go head-to-head with your friends and family on a go kart gauntlet or just kick back with cold brews and fresh margaritas. Mini golf is way better when you get to enjoy it at your own pace, and Funtrackers gives you complete freedom to decide how the events of your evening, day or entire weekend play out as you play through.

Padre Island Mini Golf Should Be for Everyone

Our mini golf course is specifically designed to cater to everything from family birthday parties to company outings and summer day camps. We’ve got a range of holes that are suitable for any play style and skill level. Even if you’re all about keeping it as casual as possible, you’re still sure to enjoy yourself. Or perhaps you take mini golf a bit more seriously. Don’t worry, because we also offer some challenging holes that really put your aim to the test.

Corpus Christi’s mini golf fans know that Funtrackers is the ideal place to work on their form or cut loose, and all are welcome here. Whether you’re seeking a way to burn off some stress after a grueling day at the office or you simply like playing a few rounds before tucking into some killer chow, Funtrackers is hands down the best mini golf destination in South Texas.

Make Your Next Few Holes Amazing

Don’t let the need to plan stop you from having a grand time. We can work out all the small details on your behalf. All you have to concern yourself with is perfecting your putting, partying hard and partaking of satisfying cuisine.

Visit Funtrackers to complete your Corpus Christi mini golf experience. From one of the city’s most interestingly designed courses to some of the state’s best company, food and games, you find thrill after thrill once you step beyond our threshold.

Want to learn more? Call (361) 937-9400 to make your reservations. You can also message us below or talk to us on social media to have one of our event planners get in touch within 24 hours.

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