Corpus Christi Family Fun Is Alive and Well at Funtrackers

//Corpus Christi Family Fun Is Alive and Well at Funtrackers
Corpus Christi Family Fun Is Alive and Well at Funtrackers 2018-03-06T23:29:46+00:00

How are you going to liven up your next Corpus Christi family outing? When your best ideas fail to do the trick, there’s just one place to turn. Funtrackers is the only destination you need to consider when you really want to have a stellar time.

Corpus Christi Family Fun with a Kick

One of the biggest obstacles with many family-friendly entertainment venues is that they’re only fun for some. Sure, your small toddler may be amazed by the sights and sounds at their favorite party spot, but if your older kids are bored, then you’ve got major problems. Funtrackers does things differently by catering to every single member of your group regardless how old they are or what kinds of activities they love the best.

We’ve got everything from edge-of-your-seat rides to awesome arcade games and physical obstacle courses. You may be looking for a mentally challenging way to stimulate your kids or merely want to let them burn off some of that excess energy they always seem to have. Fortunately, you’ll find nothing but Padre Island family fun here.

Events Tailored to Your Cravings for Excitement

One of the coolest things about partying at Funtrackers is that you never have to sweat the small stuff. Whether you’re entertaining long-lost relatives during a big family reunion or just trying to do something out of the ordinary during a long holiday weekend, you’ll be relieved to know that we handle all the details.

Plan your party package and download your invitations online. Then just kick back while we pack the goody bags and stuff the piñatas.  Or walk in anytime for an informal get together with the people you care about most.

No matter what kind of excitement you and your family crave, you’re certain to find it here, and you don’t even have to wait to kick off the fun. We specialize in instant gratification, so whether you get your kicks from beating games and winning prizes, sharing a fresh pizza or having a beer at Raceway Cafe while your kids enjoy a pitcher of soda, partaking in Padre Island family fun has never been this easy.

Do Your Next Corpus Christi Family Fun Right

You may prefer to plan your family activities ahead of time or just do things on the fly when your busy schedule permits, but Funtrackers is always ready to please. Will your next outing be worth remembering fondly?

Ask our experts about which rides and video games might be the most thrilling for your kids. Talk to us about your plans of bonding over mini-golf, batting cages or go-kart races, and we’ll come up with a custom package just for you. Call (361) 937-9400 to schedule the ultimate Corpus Christi family fun experience at Funtrackers.

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