And Off to School They Go!

/And Off to School They Go!
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This time of year has some parents saying, “Yay!” while others begin to anticipate the separation anxiety a child’s first day of school can bring. Others may think of the stress the beginning of the school year may bring. The internet is a great source of ways to make going back to school easier with tips and tricks for just about everything. Pintrest has endless pins from making school lunch, decorating and customizing backpacks to quick after school snacks for the kiddos. Here is just one page that can help manage stress.

Funtrackers is not only a great way to de-stress during the weekdays or weekend but a great source for teachers, PTA volunteers and administrators. Our fundraising program, now in its second year, is an easy way to make money for your school without the door to door selling or hounding relatives to buy unwanted dollar store items for inflated prices. It’s a way to bring families and friends together to support the cause and have quality family time and FUN! Best of all it is over in less than three hours without the need for hours of volunteer time.

Need some last minute fun before walking them to the bus this week? check out our BTS special we are running this week for a once a year savings!

We wish all of our guests a great school year with a reminder to check back often for events/specials and remember who has the best birthday parties in town!